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Project Description
The concept behind Video Game Tracker is quite simple. Search for and add games that you want to keep track of. The app will store them, their basic information, and pull in news for you as desired. The main idea was to not lose track of what upcoming games I wanted to keep an eye on.

You can import games from any public Steam library or wishlist as well.

There's bound to be bugs but I did my best to try to squash as many of them as possible.

The game information is retrieved from the Giant Bomb API and the news from Games Radar. So, if either of the datasets are incomplete, incorrect, or in some way lacking, it ain't my fault! ;)

Future Things to Add/Address
  • Include Steam news
  • Get game details from Steam if available instead of Giant Bomb (except for art)

Known Problems
  • Dealing with large amounts of games can cause issues since the APIs get hit so often and it's sluggish in general

  • My Games in Light theme: Screenshot_10.png
  • Search Results in Light theme: Screenshot_11.png
  • Latest News in in-app browser in Light theme: Screenshot_12.png
  • Options screen in Dark theme: Screenshot_13.png
  • My Games in Dark theme: Screenshot_14.png

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